The navigation bar is used to provide useful navigation links at the top of the site. The navigation bar appears on every page of the site. The navigation bar is used as a quick access tool to navigate around eWānanga.

Here is an example of the Navigation bar:

Important links in the navigation bar include:

1. The 3 horizontal lines 

This is called the hamburger menu. You can open or collapse the menu it provides.

2. eWānanga LMS

When you click on "eWānanga LMS" it will take you to the Dashboard.

3. My courses 

will present you with your active courses you are enrolled into.

4. eKura-Kāinga 

This is the portfolio website of Awanuiārangi. This link will take you to the site and log you in automatically. 

5. Tauira Voice 

This is an opportunity for you to evaluate your experience of studying at Te Whare Wānanga o Awanuiārangi

6. Check email 

This will take you to your student email that is provided by Te Whare Wananga Ō Awanuiārangi. You can also access this email by logging into Microsoft Office. To log in please use your username and password you used to log in to eWānanga.

7. English (en)

You can choose English or Māori - Waikato (mi_wwow)

8. Notification Bell

The bell will notify you that you have communications pending

9. Message bubble

The bubble will notify you that you have messages pending

10. Triangle dropdown menu

This menu has quick links to the dashboard, Your profile, grades, messages, preferences and logout.