This page will help you navigate the features and functions of the eWānanga LMS Homepage.

  1. Personal Profile | The profile feature enables access to other features including your Profile, Change Password, Calendar, Messages, Private files, Forum posts, Discussions, your Grades, Log out and Help.  Use this tool also to introduce yourself online as you would in a face to face learning environment.  Scroll over your Name at top right. Click Preferences, Edit profile.  Insert a short introduction of yourself or pepeha/mihi, and upload picture profile. Save changes.
  2. Messages | Messages is a private function. Scroll over the Messages icon to view received private messages and reply via this link.
  3. Check Email | Click Check email to set up and view your Inbox. If not already done, first time users must after clicking check email, input login details and set up inbox. Users are also able to check out Office 365 Applications from this point as well.
  4. eKura-Kāinga | An online portfolio (Mahara framework) or ePortfolio system for both Pouako and Tauira.  eKura-Kāinga is a place for a collection of one’s artefacts to be recognised,  and celebrated. The artefacts collected over time can be shared like a CV, with propective employers and others.
  5. My courses | Click this dropdown menu, for a quick link to courses and papers.
  6. English Te Reo Language preference | Select preferred language here.
  7. Get Help | Helpfiles for all users, Pouako, Tauira and Guests.
  8. Visit Awhi Tauira | Academic Student Services.
  9. Visit Library website | Library website (contact Librarian for tour of this site).
  10. Navigation Block | Navigate to other spaces on the eWānanga site. Check out My Home, a repository for your videos.
  11. Administration Block | (1) Pouako access to administrative and management tools on Homepage. (2) Tauira access to My profile settings on Homepage.

  12. Latest News Block | This is the Teacher bulletin board. Students cannot reply to this specific forum.
  13. Online Users | A viewing of all users currently online.
  14. Welcome | Nau mai haere mai message.
  15. Contact Help | Contact emails and phone numbers for eWānanga help, Library and Awhi Tauira.
  16. Student Information | Guidelines; Minimum Computer Requirements; Karakia etc.
  17. Staff Information | Course Creation form.
  18. Free Software downloads.