1. Resetting Password 

You are only able to reset your password if you authenticated or registered your account when first logging in to eWānanga. Please click on the link below if you have already authenticated or registered your password.


2. Using your own device and internet connection.

If you have forgotten your password and have attempted to log in many times, it is highly likely you have locked your account from that device you are using.

Please contact the helpdesk at helpdesk@ewananga.ac.nz and ask for your account and device to be unlocked and a new password. When you log in please follow the steps to authenticate your account. This will ensure you can change your own password in future.

3. Using wananga devices or internet connection.

If you have locked yourself out of any wananga devices you will have to wait 15 minutes for that device to unlock. If you were using your own device but on the wananga network (Internet Connection) you also will have to wait 15 minutes for your account to unlock.

4. How to change my password in the future on my own?

    1. Sign in to Office365


    2. Click on your profile then click on view account

    3. Click on change password and follow the steps.