Turnitin helps Kaiako and students assess the originality of work and ensure the proper citation of references by comparing students’ electronic documents to a variety of online sources and to the Turnitin database. The software then creates an “originality report” that rates submitted assignments and highlights text that appears in its databases or elsewhere on the Internet

Note: Awanuiārangi protects students’ intellectual property by storing all course papers in a dedicated Awanuiārangi database. This database is not searchable by other schools that may subscribe to Turnitin. Only Awanuiārangi faculty can search our student papers and only for the purpose of grading course assignments.

Note 2: This helpfile is accurate when the assignment is both [1] evaluated by the Kaiako and [2] verified by the Turnitin feature. 

Note 3: Some Kaiako may use Turnitin solely for [1] checking Similarity only. In such instances, Tauira will only need to upload their document. Turnitin will then provide a similarity score report which Tauira can view.