You may directly record an audio file using your computer or tablet, as long as you have a microphone.

  1. Go to the forum you wish to upload your recording to
  2. Within the forum, click Add a new discussion topic (or reply, depending on how your pouako has structured the forum)
  3. [1] First, give your topic a subject or title, and then [2] click your mouse on the blank Message area below that
  4. On the toolbar, locate the microphone icon and click (Record audio)
  5. Practice and when you are ready, click Start recording to record your audio. Click Stop recording to end your audio recording and play as many times as you need until you are happy with what you hear. Each time you click Record again, it overwrites a previous recording. If you can't hear yourself clearly, you may have your microphone turned down too low or be too far away from it. Give it a few tests before you record your final piece!
  6. When you are done, [1] click the blue Attach recording button.
  7. Your audio file is now uploaded into the Message area. It should look similar to this.
  8. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Post to forum, and you're done!