By default, pouako (teachers) and tauira (students) receive many notifications from eWānanga LMS. Notifications are important because they let users know when a specific action has taken place, and many of these could be important.

Notifications come in many forms and these are just some of them:

  • Assignment submissions
  • Assignment reminders
  • Quiz submissions
  • Forum digests
  • Calendar events
  • Announcements
  • Personal messages

By default, teachers and students receive notifications both within eWānanga itself (via the notifications and messages menu), and via email. If you are enrolled on many courses or papers, you will no doubt get many emails, and you may wish to receive less of them.

NOTE: If you are a new user, we do not recommend you disable email notifications until you are confident you know how to check your notifications manually. This is important, because Awanuiārangi cannot be held responsible if you have missed something important due to not receiving the notification.

The Notifications and Messages Menu

At the top of eWānanga, on the toolbar, there are two icons like the ones pictured below. The bell-shaped one on the left is the notifications menu, and the speech-bubble-shaped one on the right is the messages menu

When you click on either one you will see all your notifications and messages in a pop-up menu

If you click a notification or message on the list, you will be taken to a page displaying more information about the notification, or a place where you can read the entire message and respond to it. You cannot reply to a notification, only to a message.

A little red number on either button means that you have that number of unread notifications or messages

To mark all messages as read, click the tick-shaped button in the popup menu as indicated below

To change your notification preferences click the little cog-shaped button next to the tick. *Please note that you cannot turn off "personal messages between users" in messaging options.

In the following example, we are going to look at notification preferences

Notification Preferences

(1) By default you will receive ALL notifications to your notifications menu. These cannot be turned off and are marked as locked in the first column "Web".

(2) In the second column "Email", you can disable specific types of email notifications, simply by clicking the on or off buttons to change. If the button reads ON, then you will receive this notification via email. The are two on/off buttons for each option, to disable email entirely for an option, click both on/off buttons so they are the same (e.g. both to OFF for off, both to ON for on).

NOTE: You cannot disable email notifications for personal messages or Message my teacher.