The default setting for email notifications of forum and announcement posts is to receive one notification per day containing all forum/announcement posts made during the day. This single notification digest is sent out after 5pm each day.

If you wish to receive an email notification for every forum/announcement post when it is made, you can change this in your User preferences.

NOTE: Changing this setting may result in you receiving many more email notifications from all the forums you are subscribed to. Every time anyone posts something, you will receive a single notification. This setting applies to all forum/announcement posts across all courses you are enrolled in, and can't be controlled on a per-course basis.

  1. Hover your mouse over your profile menu at the top-right of the page, and hover over preferences, then click User
  2. In the preferences menu, choose Forum preferences
  3. The default is Complete (daily email with full posts). Click this drop-down menu to change
  4. The setting No digest (single email per forum post) will enable you to receive email notifications any time anyone posts anything in any forum or announcement across all your courses
  5. Click Save changes when you are done