eWānanga is the learning Platform where your course resources and communication are located for your studies. This is tied in with Office 365 which is your student email, where your communication within your course papers are located. Before logging in to eWānanga or Office 365 you should have received a letter from ssc@wananga.ac.nz with your username and password. Please do not try to log in if you have not received your letter. You will create a lockout on your account. The username and password will be the same for eWānanga and your student email log in for Office 365. 

Before logging into eWānanga, please search your emails or phone for your “Enrolment confirmed” message. This is where you will find your student ID number.

1. Click on the link to login to eWānanga.


2. Enter your username and password credentials.


          Username: STUDENTID@ewananga.ac.nz      

          Password: Smith1961  (Lastname + Year of Birth)

          Please note that the “S” is a capital. 

          The above is an example only

Once you are successfully logged into eWānanga accept the privacy policy.

If you have tried to log in with no success please contact the helpdesk at helpdesk@ewananga.ac.nz

Kia kaha tātau!