1. Locate the Journal link on your course page. Click the link to open.
  2. On the Journal home page, click Start or edit my journal entry
  3. Click in the editor box to make a journal entry. This can be as typed text, an audio or video by using the tools available.
    1. Add audio: locate the microphone icon on the toolbar and click to Record audio.
    2. Practice and when you are ready, click Start recording to record your audio. Click Stop recording to end your audio recording. Click Play to listen to your recording. Each time your click Record again it overwrites a previous recording.
    3. When you are happy with the audio recording click the blue Attach recording button.
    4. Your audio file is now uploaded into the Message area. It should look 
  4. Click Save changes to save the edits made to your Journal entry.
  5. Repeat the steps from the beginning to make another Journal entry