Restrict access to sections (tabs) and activities.

The restrict access feature enables teachers to restrict the availability of any activity, resource or course section (tabs) according to conditions such as date, grade obtained, group or other activity completion.

Such mechanisms can allow teachers to offer learning experiences that cater more to individuals, providing reinforcement when it is needed.

Different restriction types

  • Restrict access by activity completion
  • Restrict access by course completion
  • Restrict access by date
  • Restrict access by group
  • Hide restriction information from students
  • Restrict access using a nested restriction set

How to add a restriction

1. Go to the Moodle space and enable Edit mode .

2. Click the  Edit next to the item you want to restrict access for.

3. Click  Edit settings.

4. Click Restrict Access to expand the section.

5. Click the Add restriction button.

6. Choose the restriction type:

  • Activity Completion
  • Course completion
  • Date
  • Group

7. Optionally, hide this restriction information (and the activity) from students

Finally, restrictions can be set up as 'restriction sets' which offer the possibility of creating several criteria using all/any to create complex conditions.