Note: If your pouako is asking you to upload a file, they should inform you what file format you should submit (e.g. Word, PowerPoint or PDF document, or a video/audio recording).

Links to assignments can be found in the topic sections (center of the eWānanga LMS course page),the Course Index (left side course menu)or the Activities block (right side block drawer).

Submit a video assignment

  1. Click the link to the assignment.  The Assignment page will open. Assignment instructions may be displayed as well as your Submission status overview (date submitted, grade, etc.) for this assignment.
  2. Click Add Submission. 
  3. The Assignment submission page will open. Depending on how your pouako set up the assignment, you may have the option to submit file(s), upload a video and/or audio file.
  4. To submit video file In the File submissions section, click Choose Media . 
    1. Upload a file from your computer, or other available locations:
      • To upload a file from your computer, click Upload.
      • Click Browse.
      • Locate the video file, then click Open.This will start the process of uploading the video file from your computer to eWānanga.
      • The upload process is complete when it reaches 100%. Click Next.
      • Check the Details of the video file then click Next.
      • Confirm the video file (Thumbnail and Details), then click Next.
      • The video file submission will be displayed. Note; it may take a short while for the video file to be encoded. If you are satisfied with the video file, click Save changes. To change video click Choose Media. Note; only one video file can be submitted.
    2. Upload a video file from MediaL (Media Library)
      • To upload a file from MediaL, click Search.
      • Locate the required video file, click Select.
      • The video file will be loaded.
      • If you are happy with the uploaded file click Save changes. To change the video file click Choose Media and follow the previous steps. Note; only one video file can be submitted.